Transform the way you search for land
Quickly identify and pursue the best opportunities across England and Wales
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2. Assess site
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4. Track site's progress
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Discovery is in the details

Land insight makes it easier and clearer to find the off-market development land and property leads worth knowing about. You will have instant access to ownership details, planning history, environmental constraints, comparables and more.

In one convenient and easy-to-use web-based app, you will be able to assess the viability of any plot of land or property, save and monitor spaces of interest, receive notifications about any changes, and share leads with colleagues at the click of a button.

Act with clarity and certainty
to make better investment decisions

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    Stay on top of relevant information

    Be immediately informed when an opportunity changes or becomes available with our planning search and alert features.

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    Assess all the risks

    Reveal threats and deal-breakers at the beginning of a lead and save wasting effort or expense down the line.

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    Do more deals

    Spend less time tracking down information and focus on what you do best – the deals.

What our users say

  • "It's the best thing out there for land searches. I found two sites in nine years with other software. With Land Insight, I found two in the first year!"

    — Brett Pond, BEP Developments

  • "Land Insight is a comprehensive mapping system, which provides invaluable information in an easy to use format. The combined planning history and ownership information enables us to identify new opportunities at a faster pace."

    — Alice Sewell, Savills

  • "Land Insight is a great tool. I use it to find potential development plots and screen opportunities brought to me. Before it was very difficult and time consuming to do this due diligence. Now Land Insight saves me a lot of time. I find more opportunities and am much better informed on them, much earlier."

    — Patricia Richardson, House Proud London

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