Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions relate to the Land Insight product, accessed via the domain app.landinsight.io.

Headline Terms

  1. You must agree to these Terms and Conditions of this Agreement to use the Product. Use of the Product is proof that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The price represents the product at the time of purchase. Unless a secondary agreement has been put in place, upgrades, enhancements or improvements may but not necessarily require a fee to access them.
  3. We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of information in this product and will not be held liable for your use of the data in any circumstances. In the event that you do find inaccuracies, please let us know so we can work with our data suppliers to improve quality. Care must be made to read the information in this Agreement regarding the specific datasets the product uses.
  4. You agree not to share your password with others.
  5. Any Land Registry land ownership information included as part of the subscription price cannot be used for for direct marketing purposes.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed, we may use information about your company (eg. a logo) for promotional purposes, while respecting your privacy and details about your use.
  7. Breach of this Agreement by the user breaks this contract and and the Company has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and without prior notice or reimbursement to the Customer.

Full Terms

Land Insight (The Product) is a web application created by Land Technologies Ltd (The Company) (company number: 08845300). This Terms and Condition (Agreement) sets out rules by which the Customer and all of the users within their licence must agree to before they can access and continue to use the product.

This Agreement represents the understanding between the Company and the Customer and supersedes any other written or oral agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms of the Agreement, then you must not use The Product.

Subscription Pricing

The Product is available on a subscription model with a monthly or annual plan agreed in advance by both parties.

Monthly Payments

When a monthly subscription package is purchased, payment will be taken and this will be billed each month on a recurring basis until it is: a) cancelled by the Customer, b) cancelled by the Company when the rules of this Agreement or any other Agreement have been broken, or c) at the end of the 12 month period over which is this contract is valid.

At any point access is cancelled, the user will be moved to a Free account, that they have no obligation to access.

Annual Payments

When agreed by both parties, payment can be made for a period of 12 months.

Free Accounts

A Free Account is created when a user has decided not to continue paying for a subscription. When this happens, there may be credit remaining in an account, and a number of sites remaining in the user Dashboard. We will allow users to continue to access their Dashboard and create sites but not access any remaining credit until the account is upgraded to a paid for subscription.

New features

This Agreement represents access to the Product in it’s current form. As the Product evolves, new features will be available. Some of these features may not be included in the current plan.

Access to Data

Features and Data in the product include:

  • Planning history of sites
  • Land ownership boundaries
  • Access to the name and address of commercial and corporate organisations
  • Land ownership title plan and register can be purchased
  • Property purchased prices
  • Browsing of Ordnance Survey MasterMap®
  • Links to Companies House
  • Link to Bing Maps
  • Google Map
  • Street view
  • Googles 3D view
  • Sites of listed buildings
  • Building heights
  • Site Measurement Tools
  • Labelling of sites
  • Storage Dashboard

Limitations of Data Accuracy and Service Availability

We make all reasonable endeavours to provide a service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do have the right to performance maintenance that may make the software inaccessible for a limited period of time. We usually do this maintenance outside of office hours. In the event of planned maintenance for an extended period of hours, we shall contact customers at least several days in advance.

The data provided as part of the service is supplied to us by third parities. We do our upmost to make this data as accurate and complete as possible. However, since we are reliant on third parties, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness of this data.

Use of Credits

Credits allow the purchase of data that is not inclusive in the subscription package. The data that consumes credits are:
Purchase of Land Registry data:
Title Register
Title Plan

Adding new credits

All credits are purchased through our platform using credit or debit cards. You are able to top up credits whenever you want in order to access the product in ways that are not included in your licence. When you stop paying for the product on a monthly basis, you will be moved on to a free account. When you upgrade your account again, you are able to spend your credits.


Land Insight uses a number of datasets and mapping that each have their own licence terms. We include rights of access to all of these datasets within our product, so that it is fast and simple to start using them. There are costs involved with each dataset, so where possible we wrap these into the price of the product. In other cases, credits are needed, which are on a transactional basis dependant on the consumption of data.

Land Registry Title Deeds

The price of purchasing the Title Plan and Title Register from Land Registry is £3.00. This is a direct charge from Land Registry that we pass on to users.

Land Registry Inclusive Data

The land ownership data within our product is purchased by us in bulk from the Land Registry. We aim to keep this "Commercial and Corporate" bulk datasets updated on a six monthly basis. Land ownership boundaries are updated monthly. Data on specific land owners is updated every 6 months(currently subject to review). Only by purchasing the Title Deed will you be able to ensure that you have the most accurate information that Land Registry has in its database.

You must not use the data within this dataset for direct marketing.

You acknowledge the copyrighted material by the Land Registry.

© Crown Copyright material is reproduced with the permission of Land Registry under delegated authority from the Controller of HMSO.

Purchasing of Land Registry Data

One of the innovative features in The Product is the ability to see the Title Deeds and Plans purchased from Land Registry by any user of the platform. This provides numerous benefits, such as saving money on paying for them yourself; quickly learning if anyone else already has an interest in the site you are looking at, and being able to provide more transparency on an area.

We do not include any information about who has purchased these records.

"OS Map" (MasterMap®) Usage and Credits

The subscription includes a number of "views" of the OS Map. "OS Map" refers to the Ordnance Survey MasterMap® base map. A "view" is defined as loading 24 map tile images (each being a 256 x 256 pixels). Typically a web browser on a standard desktop PC will initially load 24 map tiles, loading more on demand. This will vary for mobile or extra large displays.

Account cancellation

Monthly licences can be cancelled at any time. Your account will remain active until the the end of the billing cycle. You may be required to pay for use that you have undertaken in the last month that was not paid for in the licence you had at the start of the month. If you both upgraded and downgraded the product within the month, you will be charged in full for a months use. We do not offer refunds.

Annual licences can be cancelled within 30 days of activation. In this case, you will be refunded for your contract minus one month of access. There can be no account cancellations after 30 days unless there has been no activation of the account and no data consumed.

We reserve the right to cancel any user account at end of payment cycle if there is evidence of abuse of the rules - in particular the sharing of user accounts, or using the data unlawfully, such as by screen printing.

Product Privacy

The activation details of the product must not be shared with anyone but the people named in the Agreement. If you want to make a request for anyone else to access the product, you can do so by contacting us and requesting access details. An important element of our work is understanding the amount of data used - multiple people on an account would not only break the terms of the Agreement but also lead to problems with the feedback process.

User Privacy

We do not collect data on the sites or locations our users are searching for or saving to their Sites/Dashboard areas of the product. We do collect macro level data on the usage of the product by individuals so we can improve it. This will consist of data that includes but is not limited to: how long users spend on the product (ownership data, planning data, the dashboard etc), how many sites are saved to a user’s Sites/Dashboard, or the amount of data consumed by a user on an average session. No users will be identified when gathering these statistics.

This data can also be used to create some aggregation functions, such as being able to compile datasets that are of use to all users equally.