Off-market site-sourcing
made easy

As property professionals, you want to make the right calls.

But you want to make those right calls faster.

The complete site-sourcing solution

Find and evaluate sites faster with LandInsight. Cut the time you spend on admin and make sure you never miss a deal again.

The platform you deserve

Industry-redefining tech

You have access to the same tool as the likes of Savills, Redrow and CBRE. In fact, four of the five
biggest housebuilders in the UK have signed up for LandInsight (and we're working on the fifth).


Security & Privacy

Your data is your business. If competitors know what you're planning, it's game over. That means you need the most secure system possible.

We're the only site-sourcing app in the UK to be ISO 27001 certified — meaning we reach one of the strictest standards in information security. That's great for your data, and for you.

Training & Support

You want to get set up quickly. You want to boost your results. And you want to do it without paying extra.

That's why our whole system is built around the only results that matter — yours.


Everything you need, at your fingertips

Property developers are drowning in information. You don't want a tool that adds to that tidal wave, you want a tool that takes data from sources you know and trust, and combines it to give you what you really need — insights you can act on.

Business case

LandInsight has changed the way people find and assess off-market sites

Want to know what that could mean for your business?
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